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I DoloMitici

The mountain region of Alta Badia in the middle of the Dolomites is one of those places in the world where spectacular views, generous nature and great cuisine meet. Three Michelin Starred restaurants within 10 minutes drive and just over 1000 population mean that a cooperation is better than hard competition. This is why in 2004 the owners of these three properties joined forces and founded the Dolomitici. Based on friendship basis and partnership they started to organize events during sports events like the ski world cup race, open air cooking classes, gourmet picknicks on the mountains, the renowned Chef’s Cup. Food programs as “A taste for skiing” and “Peaks of Gastronomy” also are the result of hour long meetings among these friends.


I Dolomitici are:

Hugo and Ursula Pizzinini – Hotel & Spa Rosa Alpina with the Restaurant „St. Hubertus“ (**Michelin) - Chef Norbert Niederkofler

Stefan and Wilma WieserHotel Ciasa Salares with the Restaurant „La Siriola“ (*Michelin) - Chef Matteo Metullio

Michil CostaHotel La Perla with the Restaurant „La Stüa de Michil“ (*Michelin) - Chef Arturo Spiccocchi