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The Flora of the Dolomites

Thanks to its position and geological conformation Alta Badia boasts an extremely rich and characteristic flora. In the valleys it is possible to find the most beautiful species of meadow flowers, whilst in the rocky zones and on the glaciers alpine flowers of vivid and delicate colours grow.

At the beginning of spring, when the meadows are not yet green, they are covered by a blanket of white crocus, which are then replaced by bright yellow stretches of dandelion.

The spring gentian, the primrose, the buttercup and the mountain soldanella can be found in the more humid meadows. The anemone is found in the high meadows whilst the anemone hepatica grows in the woods.

However, the most beautiful season as far as plant wildlife is concerned is from June until late August. During this time the auricula, various species of gentian, the nigritella, the daphnia, the saxifrage, the colombine, the campanula and various species of lily come into flower. The mountain slopes are made even more beautiful by the evocative red rhododendrons.