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Hotel & Spa Rosa Alpina:
Dolomites  during WWII

The first development of the tourism in the area was arrested in 1939 by the Second World War. The villages in South Tyrol became smaller due to the “Option”, an agreement between Hitler and Mussolini, which put the South Tyrolean people the difficult decision to rest in their homes which meant to agree with the Italianization of the area or to leave for another area out of South Tyrol.

So, one part of the population decided to move to Germany and Austria, while many others had to migrate elsewhere. The pasture huts which had been abandoned were purchased by an authority similar to a state office and then sold again.

In 1939, also the Schifferegger Family moved to Austria and Engelbert Pizzinini, who already owned the Teresa Hotel, decided to take for rent from the state office the Rosa Alpina.
In 1940, Engelbert Pizzinini purchased the farmhouse and the lands.