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Hotel & Spa Rosa Alpina:
Dolomites  in the 50ties

In 1950 the tourism industry was growing again, even though the summer season was only limited to August and the winter season to Christmas and Easter. In that period there was only one narrow country road connecting San Cassiano to the rest of the world. In winter, foreigners had to be taken from the post house in La Villa to the Rosa Alpina Hotel on some horse sleds.

1952, installation in the Rosa Alpina Hotel of the first telephone, derived from the phone office in Corvara, its number is 1. In 1955 the hotel underwent the first important renewal, 20 more beds were added. The road to San Cassiano was enlarged. In 1956 Erich Kostner built the first ski lift in Corvara, economic development in this region couldn’t be arrested anymore.

In 1957, the Pizzininis built the first ski lift in San Cassiano, 150 meters long. At the Rosa Alpina live music was played for the guests for the first time. In 1959 a second long ski lift was built (300 m long). 20 more beds were added in the Hotel. Engelbert Pizzinini built his second power plant, increasing electric power from 12 kW to 90 kW. .