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Hotel & Spa Rosa Alpina:
Dolomites  in the 80ties

In 1980 the capacity of the two power plants was increased to 420 kW. From that moment San Cassiano was supplied with electricity almost the whole year round. In 1986 the Hotel underwent some further important renovations. The tavern was renewed and the lunch room was added together with the terrace, the Hotel counted then 160 beds. In 1987, after a serious disease, Mrs Ulrike Frontull, Paolo Pizzinini’s wife, died.

In 1988 the house became a four star hotel. 1989, Paolo Pizzinini married Daniela Steiner,
an Austrian beautician who had been working in Corvara since 1979.
The Hotel inaugurated the first Beauty Spa, run by Daniela and her sister Ulrike Steiner.