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Hotel & Spa Rosa Alpina:
Dolomites  in the 90ties

1990, Sophy Pizzinini was born. In 1991 the Hotel hall and 20 rooms were renewed and made more suitable to the first category standard.

1994: Norbert Niederkofler joined the “team”. After having worked with the best cooks in the world, he came back to his roots and opened the St. Hubertus Restaurant inside the hotel. In 1996 the Apparthotel was connected to the hotel and the 25 apartments were turned into superior and suite rooms. In 1998 the Guest Room was renewed, taking the name „Stüa dal Pan“ and the hotel was promoted to 4 star S (superior) hotel. In 1998 the well-known company „Frette“ designed the Suite Frette.

1999 began the restauration of one of the huts owned by the Pizzinini family.