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Nature Reserve Fanes - Sennes - Braies

The mountains of Fanes circle a vast amphitheatre of undulating pastures. Here you will find easy but satisfying crossings, from both a mountaineering and an aesthetic point of view. You can reach easily the main peaks with breathtaking views.

The kingdom of Fanes of the mysterious Dolomite legends, has made the names of Fanes and Sennes famous. Fanes and Sennes are very closely connected and they merge with the complex of the adjacent Braies Dolomites, until the terrific balcony of the Prato Piazza, at the Picco di Vallandro, in the group of the Croda Rossa.

And the legendary, mysterious charm of Fanes continues: in autumn 1987, with the sensational discovery in a cave of numerous bone fossils belonging to specimens of the cave bear (Ursus Spaeleus), a new page of the history of the Dolomites, and in fact of the entire alpine arch, was written.

The tourist offices Alta Badia organize every week guided excursions to the nature reserve Fanes - Senes - Braies.

More information: The official site of the Nature reserve Fanes - Senes - Braies with virtual tour