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Norbert Niederkofler

Mein Südtirol

Divided into the four chapters earth, air, water and fire, the book is not only a homage to cuisine, but also to Mother nature. Exclusive recipes from the chef with images of his creations and the splendid landscape in South Tyrol.


Norbert Niederkofler

St Hubertus
and the flavor of the Dolomites

"Norbert's' creations do not only impress with a tempting taste and appetizing aromas, but also with the love for detail when it comes to the presentation of food on the plate without distorting the genuineness of the original product. This is why a meal at St. Hubertus becomes a unique culinary experience.


Norbert Niederkofler

St Hubertus Kochen
mit Norbert Niederkofler

St. Hubertus strives to promote the culinary identity in South Tyrol and to strengthen the gastronomic culture in the Alpine region. According to Norbert Niederkofler perfection can only be achieved when nature and the quality of the product are respected.