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The Rosa Alpina Fragranteum

Perfumes are silent flutterings of emotion that speak to the soul. The Rosa Alpina Fragranteum is a unique experience that teaches us how to understand our tastes and the refined scents of mountain nature.  Perfumes speak to our soul and emotions thanks to the deep-rooted memories they arouse in us.

 The Rosa Alpina Fragranteum is divided into perfume categories based on the olfactory notes of individual essences. The Fragranteum provides the same precious ingredients used by famous international perfumers who have made history with the most famous fragrances in the world, in order to create your own perfume.  The process begins with careful selection of a maximum of three elements from every category, starting with our head notes, notes of joy, then onto the next category the heart notes and so on. The perfect perfume contains one or two components from every category yet the ingredients and quantities are measured out according to the sensitivity and taste of the user. Taste is what we like and what fascinates us, while sensitivity is influenced by the essence itself; it helps us to find a smile in times of sadness, it relaxes us and gives us balance and helps us to find moments of intense joy deep within our memories.

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