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Mountain hut with woods and DolomitesVegetables and barbecue with woods and Dolomites in the backgroundMountain hut indoors with fire place and sitting areaMeat on a barbecueA glass of wine in front of the fire placeLit fire placeSunrise at the mountain hut with people standing outsideMountains glowing orange in alpenglowGlasses on set table with Dolomites in the backgroundMountain huts in summer

The Pizzinini Family Mountain Cabins

Our guests have access to two private mountain cabins at 2,000m – each offering unrivalled privacy and an unparalleled back-to-nature experience where the earth touches the sky. The first is ideal for those wishing to spend a day in the mountains, using it as a base to explore or as a unique venue for personalised lunches. The second, Cabin Trugnei, is a two-storey cabin perfect for overnight excursions for the adventurous. All meals are delivered by the hotel, and in summer, mountain bikes are provided for those wishing to descend via an exciting downhill trail.

Please note that an overnight stay in Cabin Trugnei can only be booked with a minimum stay of three nights at the hotel.