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Entrance to the Yoga Studio and outer wall in the foreground with the word YogaTwo lanterns with candles in the foreground and a girl in a yoga pose in the backgroundExcercise mat signed Rosa Alpina in the foreground and a girl in meditation position in the backgroundGirl practicing stretching exercises in the natural wood Yoga Studio with wide windows at Rosa Alpina Hotel

The Yoga Studio

Located on the first floor with large windows overlooking the woods, the light-filled Yoga Studio inspires the perfect mindset for your yoga and Pilates practice. Offered on request, sessions are led by experienced practitioners and can be tailored to individual fitness and health goals.

Try our signature 80-minute yoga session, which combines aspects of Hatha and Raja yoga. The former focuses on physical asanas (postures) aimed at stimulating ligaments’ elasticity with consequent muscle stretching, while the latter integrates acquired benefits with breathing techniques, for complete mental and consequently physical relaxation.

During the Summer months we offer personalised yoga sessions in the meadows on the mountain.

Our yoga sessions are on request and payment is required.