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Entrance to the Yoga Studio and outer wall in the foreground with the word YogaTwo lanterns with candles in the foreground and a girl in a yoga pose in the backgroundExcercise mat signed Rosa Alpina in the foreground and a girl in meditation position in the backgroundGirl practicing stretching exercises in the natural wood Yoga Studio with wide windows at Rosa Alpina Hotel

Yoga Studio at Rosa Alpina

Located on the first floor with large bright windows overlooking the woods, the Studio puts you in the right mindset for your yoga and pilates exercises.

A perfect combination between Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga: the first one focuses on physical exercises aimed at stimulating ligaments’ elasticity with consequent muscle stretching, while the second one integrates acquired benefits with breathing techniques, for complete mental and consequently physical relaxation.
The duration is 80 minutes: the first part of the session is dedicated to warm-up exercises, awakening and stimulating the body in preparation for the next Asanas (Yoga poses).
Then various poses are followed in sequence, starting “Sun salutation” to others focused on different muscle groups of the body.
At the end, some exercises dedicated to breathing and meditation to relieve stress and increase concentration. Our Yoga classes are held upon request only and on payment.

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